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360 Degrees of Goodness

This morning I gave thanks for this brand new present wrapped in a bow of sunshine.
What marvelous new knowledge will come my way to benefit others and myself from the divine?

I asked only how may I serve to fulfill the purpose God sent me here for.
How may I be a beacon in the darkness showing the way to safe passage never seen before?

How is it that a man of means has few if any good friends he can trust?
Riches acquired by false pretense fade rapidly and turn to dust.
by Wayne A Smith Sr

Star Child

Star Child by Wayne A Smith Sr

I am powerful, far beyond any human comprehensible measures.
I am more precious than any material that men hold as a precious treasures.
I am starstuff, composed of absolutely everything the universe is made of.
I am partnered with the universal mind, the ultimate creator, the essence of love.

I have been chosen in Him before this worlds foundation.
Here with a purpose to rejuvenate consciousness to a higher dimension.
I am from a place called nowhere, which by moving the w forward one space makes a being, now here.
I am now here, from a place that is absent of ailments or hunger, devoid of sadness or tears and unhampered by the rust laiden anchors of fear.

I am all that is, for the universe resides within me and uplifting a neighbor, serving humanity with my insights and passion for poetry is my purpose.
Bring peace to one another with soothing encouraging words, by pouring the pure waters of love on smoldering anger will bring your best to the surface.
I am a starchild, a traveler, an immortal energy, a spirit which has never had a birth, timeless and only changes but will never die.
I am a drop of water from The Ocean of Abundance, the subtle warm breeze which carries my voice as the echo of a distant eagles cry.