Monthly Archives: December 2016

A Poem of Brilliance

5be3fd73f9e177853e85a7ce5dbeaa00 Brilliance©

That which is of benevolent thought will surely be revealed.
From the power of the mind one can be great in any field.
Proceed to glory, be steadfast and positive no matter what and it will manifest.
Awaken that slumbering power within and put it to the test.

Unleash that dormant potential and put those thoughts into action.
The vibrations of a thought alone will set in motion the law of attraction.
Realize that you are part of the source of which all living waters flow.
The spirit is omnipotent, so as a candle in the dark, let your brilliance show.

Never underestimate the power of a compassionate word or a small act of caring.
Contribute freely and do not calculate any return but be gratified in sharing.
An honest compliment will go very far and may even turn a life around.
Most of all, a whisper of love is the greatest to be heard in all the realms of sound.
By Wayne Smith Sr.