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Deep Sleep: Delta Waves, Relaxing Music

Golden Star®

I am powerful, far beyond any human comprehensible measures.
I am more precious than any material that men hold as a precious treasures.

I am starstuff, composed of absolutely everything the universe is made of.
I am partnered with the universal mind, the ultimate creator, the essence of love.

I am from a place called nowhere, which by planting a space makes me as a humble human being, now here.
I am now here, from a place that is absent of ailments or hunger, devoid of sadness or tears and unhamper by the anchors fear.

I am all that is for the universe resides within me and uplifting a neighbor, serving humanity with my insights and passion for poetry is my purpose.
Bring peace to one another with soothing encouraging words, by pouring the pure waters of love on smoldering angers and that will bring your absolute best to the surface.

I am a Golden Star, an immortal energy, a spirit which has never had a birth, timeless and only changes but will never die.
I am a drop of water from The Ocean of Abundance and the warm subtle breeze which conveys my voice as it does with the echo of a distant eagles cry.
By Wayne A. Smith Sr.

111111spiritualawakeningThe Quality of Words©
At all times, in and out of season, be cautious and show care in the way you speak.
Words can crystalize or darken your demeanor and can give you power or can make you weak.
Say absolutely nothing that in the future, you may regret.
Quiet lips and an open mind is the best policy to go by, on that you can bet.
By Wayne Smith Sr.